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7-Day Correct Manual Guarantee

At UManuals we understand the need for getting the high quality you need in a timely manner. For this reason, we are happy to offer a 7-day quality guarantee. If for any reason the manual you received does not meet your needs or does not fit your machine, just reach out to us via our contact form! We will try our best to locate the proper manual you need for your machine in as timely a manner as possible. In the event that we cannot locate the proper manual for you, we will accept a return of the manual for a full refund! That's right, we gladly eat the shipping costs if you aren't satisfied.

Reproduction Manuals

Our high quality reproduction manuals are usually originally sources from vintage machine shops. This often leads them to being covered with dirt and grime through many decades of shop use. To counteract this aging process of the manuals, we digitally enhance and process all of our reproductions for a high quality refurbishment. This leads to a much higher quality version of the manual, even better than the original in some cases!

Original Manuals

Oftentimes on our website you will come across original manuals that come straight from their machine shop homes. These manuals have definitely seen their days of use, however they are still 100% usable for customer needs. Some examples of aging seen on original manuals include possible oil spills, rips and tears, and worn pages. Despite these small drawbacks, these original manuals are verified readable before they are sold on our site. Unfortunately due to the nature of original manuals however, we cannot offer any refund or guarantee on them.

Digital Delivery

Quality Guarantee