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What are Grinding Machines?


The name grinding machines evolved from the process,grinding.Grinding is the process of removing metal by abrasive particles that are bonded together to form a wheel. These tiny particles acts like a cutting tools, each particle cutting a tiny chip from the work piece. Grinding process is the secondary operation. It means grinding is performed after milling or turning or shaping or planning or any such metal cutting operation by cutting tools.

The development of electronics & computer has a direct influence of modern high accurate & automatic grinding machines. The pistons , cylinders, spark plugs & fuel injection pumps of automobile needs to be machined to a very close tolerances in order to proper functioning, because a very high pneumatic/hydraulic pressure to be developed in the engine to drive the automobile.


Types of Milling and Cutters Used


So far, we discussed about milling machines, its various parts & functions, besides type of milling operations, in general.

In order to machine a component on a milling machine we need to have a cutting tool. Such cutting tools used in milling machines are called Milling Cutters. These cutters are classified in to various types depending on the specific type of machining they are used.

The various types of cutters are:-

1) Plain milling cutter 2) Side Milling cutter 3) Slitting cutter 4) End Milling Cutters 5) T-Slot Milling cutter 6) Angular Milling Cutters 7) Form milling cutters.


What is a Milling Machine?


Milling machines were first developed by Eli Whitney to mass produce interchangeable parts that were not possible by manual operation such as filing. Then onwards the development and improvement of milling machine was continuous. On present day CNC milling machines are available in market, on which parts are machined to a high accuracy. The accuracy is to the extent of 0.02 mm. Besides due to development of cutting tools high cutting speed is used to machine parts. Thus the hourly production is increased to multi folds. To properly achieve these hourly production increases, it may be incredibly important to utilize a milling machine manual for repairs and upkeep. 


What is a Lathe?


First of all, a lathe is not a machine, it is a machine tool. It is one of the most common machine tools that are used broadly used in metal and wood cutting operations. It has a rotating axis between the head stock and tail stock where the cutting tools is placed to perform various operations such as cutting,  knurling, sanding,  facing, drilling, or deformation,  turning etc. Lathes are large machine tools that often require lathe manuals and operation guides to use properly. Depending on the material you are working on, there are different types of lathes. Engine lathes, turret lathes, and special purpose lathes are the three general types of this machine tool. All these three types have their specific applications and distinctive characteristics. The common parts of a lathe are Head Stock, Tail Stock, Chuck, Tool Post, Compound Rest, Feed Shaft, Carriage, Bed, Lead Screw, Accessory etc. Information about these components are often found in a lathe parts diagram. There are some Accessories like faceplate, dogs, mandrel, collets etc used to mount the work piece between head and tail stock. 


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