Eco-Friendly Delivery

As a company that deals in the dissemination of information and documentation, you can imagine the amount of paper waste that accumulates here at UManuals. To improve our efforts at minimizing paper waste on our end, we contribute to the green movement by recycling all paper waste, only printing critical documents needed for orders, and using partially-recycled paper stock.

However, there is also an option you can choose to contribute to our efforts to minimize our footprint:


The Digital Delivery Option

By setting our default delivery option as digital delivery, our customers automatically take part in drastically reducing unnecessary paper waste. Digital delivery means that your order will be sent to you via e-mail in PDF format for easy viewing. This also has other benefits that are more than saving paper! With a digital version of the manual, you will be able to zoom in on details whenever you like. 

Better yet, digital deliveries are delivered within 24 hours instead of the normal 3-5 business days!

Help UManuals continue down our green path while receiving high quality, rapid order delivery!

Digital Delivery

Quality Guarantee